We Bring The Boys Out!

Holiday Time with Family
Monday, 16 January 2012 ϟ 05:31 ϟ

Time nearing last year's end was spent with the family, 2011 went by so fast.....I'm still out of breath ! Well, as usual after a few weeks vacation....I feel I need another one to recover from that vacation. Do I make sense ? Maybe some mothers will understand how I feel ^^.  These few months have been my most unproductive time in this blog, I can't say that I will be more productive, as there's a lot to be done and a lot to be considered which are all more important than my joy of blogging.
At last the four of us could go and spend sometime as a family together. Even though we spent most of our time only in the hotel and surrounding area, it was nice and a change of scene from home. I took some pixs and am posting them here for the record, I'm sure I will like looking at this post again later on.
Entering our rooms at the hotel in Jakarta, 
we were greeted by this view from the window :


Hmm....we could see the stadium...it's called Istora Senayan
many sports competitions are held there. 
For me, I remember taking National examinations there. 
Night time view is also not bad :

The next day after lunch the weather turned bad.....
glad we got back to the hotel without being drenched, 
I snapped these pixs from the window :

I love having breakfast at hotels on vacations ..dun know why, mebbe coz I'm not the one who prepared or help prepared it ? Hehehe.....and there's a lot to choose from, right ! Not the same ol' same ol'. Besides, it's not a rushed affair...you could dawdle all you want. Managed to snap a rather nice pix of the kids in the hotel dining area......and got a bit side tracked by the table decoration...an orange flower floating in a bowl.. 


The last day, hubby had to leave first....the office beckons...after breaky the kids and I walked around the hotel's shopping area [actually it's sorta a mini mall]....it was early and most of the shops were still dark. Err...could you spot me in the first pix ? The second pix is of yours truly...snapping a pix in the elevator, coz of the multiple mirrored effect...

When we were checking out, I spent some time at the small hotel lobby to take some shots of the white [plastic] Christmas tree they have there. I must say that I'm now reconciled with not having a live tree for Christmas at our house. We've been using a plastic tree these 2 years, and I feel better thinking that we're going green and saving trees. Below are the results :


Nothing extraordinary happened on our family days out....
didn't do anything exciting, either...
we just over-ate and had a relaxing time ^^ 
See you on our next days out, OK....
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